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We are a family of aspiring young coders and this is our lobby. It is evident that knowledge increases by sharing and ideas are refined and reinforced by discussing them. Hence, Community of Coders was formed.

This page is formed by CSI SPIT, with the best parts being the openly extending network, here members can interact with other passionate coders, share their knowledge, and grow together as a community, and we're sure with yours support by our side, we'll surely fulfill this purpose!
Why Us?

We at Community of Coders don't just plan on uniting all passionate coders. Our aim is also to conduct events and activities catered to provide great practice for the experienced and to morph the beginners into pros. And when it comes to events, there's no better than CSI SPIT.

CSI conducts several workshops throughout the year for aspiring coders along with competitive hackathons for Beginners as well as pros to develop that coding confidence

Our Goal

To provide a platform for all passionate coders to gather and share their ideals to ensure an environment of mutual growth.

Do I need to be a pro?

Absolutely not!

Even if you are a beginner having no experience in coding, Community of Coders has got you covered.
With the community we provide a beginner will be flowering into an experienced coder in no time.
Let's Get Started!

Come join our community Discord Server or WhatsApp group and let's start building together!

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