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A Great Escape The Monsoon Trek




A total of 112 students including committee members came for the trek. We boarded the bus from the college campus at 7.30 am. We reached Ambivli at 11 am. Breakfast was provided at a small eatery named Hotel Kothaligad. Biscuits and sandwiches were provided which could be carried along during the trek.

We started the trek at 12 pm. There was a single path that led to the top. We had to climb a rocky pathway to reach the Peth village. We enjoyed every moment of the climb in the lush green surroundings. There were beautiful sceneries of grassy plains and mountain ranges. We reached a plateau covered with grass at 12.30. It provided a breath-taking view of the Kothaligad fort on one side and a steep valley on the other. We rested for some time and clicked pictures of the view. We went into a small waterfall situated on the plateau. The cool of the water helped us feel fresh and we started climbing further.

As we neared the Peth village, paddy fields welcomed us. Clouds on top of the hills gave us a picturesque view. At 2.30 pm, we reached the Peth village situated at the base of the Kothaligad fort. We halted at a small hotel for water.

At 4.15 pm, we reached Ambivli and had lunch. At 5pm, we boarded the bus and went to a pond. Being exhausted from the trek, everyone immersed themselves into the pond. The pond was only knee-deep and thus we enjoyed splashing in the water. We started our return journey at 7pm and reached Mumbai at 10 pm.

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