We at CSI-SPIT organize technical and fun events throughout the academic year.

Blockchain Workshop

As promised, CSI - SPIT is back with a Workshop on the newest buzzword in the technical town - Blockchain. The workshop will be conducted by industry experts from Xinfin - a reputed Blockchain company.

Topics to be covered -
1. Introduction to blockchain.
2. Introduction to smart contracts.
3. Structure a blockchain based app with example
4. Blockchain and other tech.

The workshop will be a hands-on workshop with plenty of sample problem statements and examples. There will be a Hack-It session at the end with exciting prizes for the winners.

After the workshop the participants will be given early access to the problem statements for the S.P.I.T. Hackathon 2019

Other Details -
1. Bring your own laptops
2. Any OS except MacOS is allowed. (Linux preferable)
Date - 7th December 2018
Time - 10 am - 5 pm
Venue - 6th floor, S.P.I.T, Andheri.

We have only 50 seats. Preference will be given to CSI-S.P.I.T. members.

S.P.I.T. Hackathon

5th - 6th Jan 2019

C workshop

Following tradition, CSI organized a multi-part C workshop for juniors, covering basic programming topics like syntax, conditional statements, iterative loops and data structures like arrays.

Tech Week

Organized for the first time in S.P.I.T., the CSI Tech Week gave a new spin to coding competitions with events like CodeHousie and Tag-Team Coding. For the First Years, the usual tradition of Scratch Workshop continued. Virtual Placements was another new event under the umbrella of CSI, and internships were awarded to the shortlisted students.

Code Housie

27th August 2018

Coding competitions can be pretty boring.

That’s why we have decided to add some flavour to it. We all love to play Housie - the simple but fun game where we scratch off numbers to win prizes.

Code-Housie is the same except each problem statement is assigned a number and instead of just being lucky with the numbers, you code and scratch the respective number off your ticket.

Prizes worth Rs 1500 !

Tag-Team Coding

28th August 2018

CSI-SPIT presents to you a coding event, with a twist!

Participate in a team of two in this fun coding challenge and test out your ability to work in a team.

Code for five minutes and then hand it over to your team mate.

The challenge? You can't communicate with your partner! So choose your team mate carefully and get ready to have a lot of fun while coding!

Prizes worth Rs 2500 !

Scratch Worskhop

29th August 2018

Scratch by MIT enables you to program your own interactive stories, games, and animations. A very user-friendly UI with which anyone without any knowledge of coding can start developing games from.

Topics to be covered -
- Overview of SCRATCH environment.
- Iterations loops and data control loops.
- How to use Sprites and make custom Sprites
- Add sound and music to your game

By the end of it you will have a game that you would have created yourself from scratch (pun-intended).

Virtual Placements

30th-31st August 2018

CSI-SPIT presents Virtual Placements.

A two day action filled mega event to conclude the CSI Tech Week with a boom.

Get a first hand experience of how placements take place with three rounds consisting of an Aptitute Test, a Group Discussion and finally a Panel Interview. And what's more? The winners will get an internship opportunity in SP-TBI!

So get your game faces on and register now for Virtual Placements!

Prizes worth Rs 1000 and Internship Opportunities!

Treasure Hunt

CSI welcomed juniors with a Treasure Hunt as an icebreaker event. Students dashed around the S.P.I.T. campus to find clue after clue within 30 minutes. It helped students get to know each other and get familiar with the campus.

Android Workshop

The Roadmap to Android was organized primarily for beginners, to ease them into basic Android programming. It gave an introduction to native and hybrid app development, and popularly used technologies like Firebase, PHP and Django.